HAILSTROM® Travel Umbrella

A Compact Umbrella with UV Protection


When raindrops start falling, you need to know that you are prepared. You put too many important appointments to walk around soaking wet. You want to stay comfortable, and you want to be ready for whatever may come - including the most severe thunderstorms in the middle of an otherwise-sunny day.

Fortunatly, help has arrived. After sending the HAILSTORM umbrella through three different versions, we are proud to present the final version - a superior umbrella sure to alter the umbrella industry forever..

Feature #1

Comfort Grip

Have you noticed the grooves on the handle? We know the pain of holding an umbrella for long. Hence, we have the handle ergonomically designed so that you can hold your umbrella comfortably.

Feature #2

Very Tough

Most umbrellas are made of full or partial metal Frames and Ribs (FR). This causes permanent damage when it over flexes. We re-engineered the FR to Full Durable Fiberglass Umbrella. Thus, able to withstand strong wind without breaking.

Feature #3

It Protects you

It protects you 99.9% from harmful UV rays. We have tests done by 3rd party certified labs for every batch to ensure the protection stays consistent. Click here for more Information

Feature #4

Fast Drying

Seen a water droplet floating on a water lily leave before? Yes, this is practically what it means. The canopy is made of extremely Water Repellent fabric. Just give a shake or 2 and the rain water falls off.

Feature #5

Inverted Design

The wet side of the umbrella is kept within, leaving the dry side exposed when the umbrella is at closed position. It keeps your hand dry when you fold the umbrella.

Feature #6

Automatic Open & Close

We understand the inconvenience of opening the umbrella when you have only one hand available. The umbrella automatically unfold itself with a press of a button. With another press, it closes the canopy.

Feature #7

Large Umbrella for its Weight

The umbrella stretches 41`` (104 cm) in diameter and weighs less than 16 oz. Big enough for 2 people to share an umbrella while making it portable.
With all these features combined, we are confident that this umbrella is able to last longer and provide great experience to you.

Multiple Colours

Colors Choice

Black, Royal Blue, Red, Teal and Yellow available and soon, MORE to come!


Carefully made with strict quality control down to the individual parts

Your umbrella is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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