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Golf Umbrellas

Golf Umbrellas

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Certified UPF50+, guaranteed

We have UV tests done by Australian Government Lab for every batch to ensure the protection stays consistent. Refer to this link for more information:

Large Umbrella for its Weight

The wide span width that measures 114cm is large enough to share with 2 people. When it’s closed, it measures 90 cm, which fits nicely on your car rear deck. Weighs between 570g - 630g (Varies between colours)

Very Tough

The structure is made of 100% Fibre glass, which makes not only light but also durable and long lasting than the typical metal frame umbrellas

Other Features

The anti slip tip makes the umbrella harder to slide off and with curvy handle design to allow the umbrella to be placed on the edge.

Automatic Open

With a press of the button it automatics opens the umbrella. Thanks to the inbuilt suspension at the tip of the umbrella, it gives a solid feel without much shock from the impact when it’s opened.

Advanced Waterproof Canopy

With a thicker canopy rim, the canopy is able to reduce deflection in an event of a strong wind. The surface of the canopy is coated with hydrophobic material. That translated to quicker dry with a shake or two.

30 Days Warranty

Covers manufacturing defect(s) only.

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