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Manual Fold Umbrellas

Manual Fold Umbrellas

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Reduce Finger Injury

The manual fold umbrella comes with a Pinch-Proof Runnner. With a pull the umbrella collapse, and with a push it opens!

Ultra UV Protection

The UV protection rating for the umbrella is UPF50+. This is the highest rating that can be given in accordance with Australian Standards/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZ) 4399

Fast Dry

The canopy is coated with hygroscopic material that prevents rain water from sticking on the surface. Give a little shake and the rain falls away


It weighs between 330g - 350g, with a span of 98cm wide. Feels light carrying around with large coverage enough for 2 young kids or 1 Adult

Storm Proof

The thick Alumimium Alloy Shaft and Steel Frame provides strong resistance to strong wind, while making it light for easy travel

Fits well in most bags

With a length of 28.5cm, it's easy to keep and bring around whereever you need to go!

30 Days Warranty

Covers manufacturing defect(s) only.

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