Inverted Fold Umbrella

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Inverted Umbrellas

Inverted Fold Umbrella

  • $23.80
  • Comfort Grip: Have you noticed the grooves on the handle? We know the pain of holding an umbrella for long. Hence, we have the handle ergonomically designed so that you can hold your umbrella comfortably.


  • Very Tough: Most umbrellas are made of full or partial metal Frames and Ribs (FR). This causes permanent damage when it over flexes. We re-engineered the FR to Full Durable Fiberglass Umbrella. Thus, able to withstand strong wind without breaking.


  • Certified UPF50+: Guaranteed. We have UV tests done by Australian Government Lab for every batch to ensure the protection stays consistent.


  • Fast Drying: Seen a water droplet floating on a water lily leave before? Yes, this is practically what it means. The canopy is made of extremely Water Repellent fabric. Just give a shake or 2 and the rain water falls off.


  • Inverted Design: The wet side of the umbrella is kept within, leaving the dry side exposed when the umbrella is at closed position. It keeps your hand dry when you fold the umbrella.


  • Automatic Open & Close: We understand the inconvenience of opening the umbrella when you have only one hand available. The umbrella automatically unfold itself with a press of a button. With another press, it closes the canopy – you just have to push both ends of the umbrella after that.


  • Large Umbrella for its Weight: The umbrella stretches 104 cm in diameter and weighs around 415g. Big enough for 2 people to share an umbrella while making it portable.

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