Albatross Golf (long Stick) Umbrella

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Albatross Golf (long Stick) Umbrella

  • $21.80
  • Certified UPF50+: The cloth material is rated UPF50+ by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)


  • Large Size: The wide span width that measures 118cm is large enough to share with 2 people. When it is closed, it measures 90 cm, which fits nicely on your car rear deck.


  • Durable: The structure is made of 100% Fibre glass, which makes not only light but also durable and long lasting than the typical metal frame umbrellas.


  • Light weight: Weighs between 570g - 630g (Varies between colours)


  • Anti-slide: The anti-slip tip makes the umbrella harder to slide off. Curvy handle designed allows the umbrella to be placed on the edge.


  • Inbuilt Suspension: Thanks to the inbuilt suspension at the tip of the umbrella, it gives a solid feel without much shock from the impact when it’s opened.


  • Fast Drying: The surface of the canopy is coated with hydrophobic material. That translated to quicker dry with a shake or two.

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